About HourGasm

Comic and multimedia storyteller Lenny Peppers and famed journalist, comic book writer/publisher and book author Lynsey G.’s podcast about decolonizing sexuality and gender, one episode at a time.


lenny peppers co-host hourgasm podcast

Lenny Peppers

By day, Lenny works on her fifth degree focused on Tribal Critical Theory in Art and Media and a mom. By night, Lenny is an award-winning comic, artist, writer, and filmmaker. She makes podcasts in place of sleep. Be sure to check out her comic book, Quantum, at Oneshi Press.

Lynsey G

A multi-award-winning word person, Lynsey G (she/her or they/them) writes, publishes, and podcasts on the subjects of sexuality, smut, and gender. She is a co-founder of Oneshi Press, the author of Watching P()rn and Tracy Queen, a double Aquarius, and a veggiesaurus.

lynsey g co-host hourgasm podcast


james mason crew sound editor hourgasm podcast

James Mason

Missoula-based artist James Mason (he/him) independently creates comic books and films out of his home studio. He he also enjoys getting his hands dirty with SFX monster makeup and gets to edit Lenny’s film and audio in his free time. Lucky him.

Jayel Draco

Jayel Draco (he/him or they/them) is the co-founder of Oneshi Press and the visual artist & storyteller behind 3 ongoing comics series and 1 cross-genre fantasy universe in the making. He streams art-making on Twitch & binge-watches Star Trek while not making bad chicken jokes.

jayel draco crew hourgasm podcast

Moral Support


Smokey is lookin’ good and feline even better as she works hard to keep our team on our toes. She loves to find a warm sunbeam to stretch out in and sleep. She has 27 toes (7,7, 8, and 5) and likes to show off her extra claws when you try to pet her tummy. She is showing it to you to pet with your eyes NOT your gross human hands.


Meet our crew! Ali saw a squirrel and that’s all she could talk about when we were discussing her bio.


Chalithor likes to sleep on a chair next to Lynsey while she records episodes of HourGasm, providing moral support for the podcast. That’s only if he’s not busy basking in the sun, harassing the chickens next door, or trying to get into every neighbor’s house to look for treats.

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