Episode 16: Decolonizing Disability with Amanda Barr

We welcome Amanda Barr—artist, teacher, and disability advocate—to talk about the experience of disability in a colonial society that often seems as though it would prefer if people with disabilities would vanish from public life. We touch on the impact of being disabled in everything from education to parking to work to dating and sex education. And we make connections between the colonialist state and disabled folks’ lives every step of the way. 

amanda barr touching a piece of pottery

Amanda Barr is an artist, writer, educator and activist currently working on her MFA in ceramics/MA in Art/Art History at the University of Montana in Missoula. A habitual nomad, she has lived in six states and four countries in the past 15 years; most recently she enjoyed several years in Seattle.

Learn more at AmandaMBarr.com.

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